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make fast money with pinterest
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Tons of new Pinterest users and newbie bloggers keep lamenting on how to make fast money on Pinterest, which I’m pretty sure is why you are reading this post.

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Believe me, I’ve been there too, and as a matter of honesty, because I wasn’t doing it right, I wanted to quit using Pinterest for my marketing. I kept asking myself,  which I know is probably running through your mind, “where are all the Pinterest traffic people keep raving about”. I almost lost the treasure because I wasn’t getting traffic to my offers. Thank goodness I never did because I found a strategy that works. But hey, you’re not alone in this because I’m going to reveal the simple yet effective strategy I found to make quick and recurring income on Pinterest for beginners and advanced users.

How to quickly make your first money on Pinterest 2020

Before we delve into the core of the pressing matter at hand, I’ll like to correct an impression about using Pinterest. Instead of seeing Pinterest as a social media or image-sharing medium, see it as your own money-making machine that you can leverage on, this year-2020 and beyond.

Note: The tips given in this guide are in accordance with the Pinterest guidelines. So go through it in your spare time before applying them.

There are 2 tested and proven ways to make fast money on Pinterest in 2020 and have been found to be effective in all ways.

A. How to make fast money on Pinterest with a blog

If you actually want to make serious recurring income online, having your own blog or website for the sole purpose of affiliate marketing through Pinterest, cannot be said enough. I highly recommend this approach.

 The reasons are as follows:

  • You have total control of your website to drive in highly targeted traffic for free.
  • You will be able to create a funnel to siphon the details (emails) of your blog’s visitors (for future promotions). This will also enable you to make additional website traffic to your blog, and in turn, make additional income.
  • Having high-quality organic traffic coming from Pinterest increases your website’s chance to be able to apply for advertisements through affiliate networks like Google Adsense, Mediavine and the host of others.
  • And lastly, after you’ve gained so much traction (traffic) on the website or blog, you may want to flip (sell) it for a bigger profit.

Now that you are making a decision to use a blog (which I highly recommend) to make extra money with Pinterest, I’ll advise you to make use of this following guide to the end.

make fast money with pinterest
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Start a blog or website with a notable hosting company

If you are really serious about being an online business owner, never make the mistake I made when I was starting out. And what was that?  I wanted to “cheat the system” by hosting for free with rogue hosting platforms. Believe me, I got my fingers burnt. What was my experience with the free hosting platforms?

Load time of my website was very slow, pop-up ads I never created started showing on my website, backups are to be created manually, suspension of accounts without a cogent reason, moving my website to another server without any prior notice, which leads to the loss of important data on my blog. I had to start from scratch again.

But if you want to get past all that and learn the unique ways to make fast money on Pinterest using a blog, I highly recommend you start a self-hosted blog with a notable hosting company that will guarantee your presence in the online space.

Pro tip: if you sign up with free hosting companies, visitors would definitely take your contents for granted even though they’re of high quality. Also, it would be almost impossible to make a reasonable income from the blog. In addition, it would also be an extremely difficult task to get approval when applying to ad networks such as Google AdSense, Mediavine and the host of others.

Are you confused about where to begin? In this free guide, I will tutor you on how to start a profitable blog, starting from hosting account set up to growing your Pinterest traffic and make your first money from it. To get started, sign up here.

Write relevant contents that solve problems

You have created your first blog (Hurray), write 8-10 helpful blog posts that will solve the problems of your audience and are to be related to your niche. Before you start writing, do not be in a hurry to put something out there; be diligent enough to make your research on the topic you want to write about.

Keynotes: do keywords research on the topic you want to write on to see if people are interested in the topic. Look out for monthly searches and the competition on the topic.

If you are a lazy writer or you don’t have the kind of time to write, you can outsource the job to an article expert on micro-job marketplaces like Fiverr, Seoclerk, Upwork or any you find that suits your interest. In my personal opinion, I prefer to use Fiverr, most especially if you are on a budget. You can sign up here, it’s 100% free to join the best community of buyers and sellers and start ordering for your articles for as low as $5.

Set up a Pinterest business account (not a personal account)

Now that you have your relevant content published on your blog or website next is to drive in free targeted traffic to those contents. Here’s the procedure: set up your free Pinterest account using a valid email ID.

pinterest sign up

Once that’s done, claim your website on Pinterest in the dropdown menu, this is to verify that the website belongs to you.

claim web settings
claim website

PRO TIP: you will be required to download an Html file, which is to be uploaded into your website’s Cpanel. You may also contact your host provider to do that for you.

Sign up here to get my free guide on how to do this.

After successful verification of your website or blog, next is to start creating boards and pins that are related to your niche. The boards where these pins will be saved will have to be on some specific broad topics you have treated on your blog or website.

I recommend you use Canva to create your pins; it’s a free service with a wide range of options, ranging from logo making to Pinterest banners. You can go check it out here.

canva page

To gain more traction (traffic) to your blog, re-pin pins from other bloggers or Pinterest influencers that are in your niche.

B. How to make money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing (without a blog)

Are you a quick moneymaker? Who doesn’t want to go through the stress of having your own blog or website to make fast money on Pinterest. Well, it’s your lucky day because Pinterest is still allowing direct affiliate links on the platform.

What is affiliate marketing and how can you make quick money on Pinterest without the need to have a blog or website?

Simply put, affiliate marketing is when you promote a product or service for someone, you make a cut (commission) on the sale when someone buys through you.

Check out this affiliate marketing training course, it teaches A-Z of affiliate marketing. You will thank yourself for taking it

PRICELESS TIP: Investing in the right education to improve yourself, is the best decision you could ever make.

How do you make quick money using direct affiliate links on Pinterest?

Here’s what you need to do to start making quick money through affiliate offers.

  • Create a Pinterest personal account using a valid Email Id.
  • Try to make an ultimate list of products or services that will solve the problems of your target audience.
  • Make a quick search to check if there are affiliate programs available for the listed products or services.
  • If they’re available, apply into the affiliate programs
  • If and when you’re approved to promote, grab your unique affiliate links into a clipboard on your pc or phone.
  • Head over to a free service (for free graphic design templates) called Canva to create an appealing image for your pins.
  • After that’s done, download the designed image into your pc.
  • Head back to your Pinterest account to upload your downloaded image to start pinning to a board.

You will be prompted to upload your image, now choose your destination website, grab your affiliate link on your clipboard, and paste in there.

You are good to start making your first fast money on Pinterest.

So that’s it. Take that bold decision today to start raking in your commissions using this guide and I hope it helps and gives you that life of freedom you so much dream about.

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